About Us

Jersey Ninja is a subsidiary of Buckeye Seven LLC. We are based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and we love jerseys... both on a personal and professional level.

Before we started Jersey Ninja, we shopped and acquired some great jerseys through all sorts of mediums. We have pop culture, AHL, ECHL, NHL, and NCAA jerseys. We even have some great framed and autographed jerseys. We got a signed and framed Gordie Howe jersey a few years back from a silent online auction where we accidentally bid, forgot that we bid, then were notified via email two months later that we had won it. We are still without an autographed Gretzky jersey. I'm sure we will get one someday.

We have a special knack for acquiring AHL one off or promotional jerseys but those are more for daily wear instead of collecting autographs. They are original, something different that people do not see every day... they get noticed... they are fashionable.

This is what drove us to found and create Like Kevin Smith (Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Jay & Silent Bob), we choose to use hockey jerseys as everyday apparel. We wanted something different than what was available through all the online shops. We wanted something that was original yet mainstream. There are companies that produce pop culture jerseys, but they rip off other people's intellectual property; that didn't sit well with us. We know there are a lot of people like us. We have met them, discussed ideas, and dreamed of the perfect site. 

Now, we no longer have to dream... because the site is here. We have everything from mythical creatures, to charity jerseys. We want to give back and support a variety of causes. All of our charity jerseys are designed in conjunction with the individual charity to ensure the cause is properly represented.

Everyone has their favorite soda, beer, or snack emblazoned on a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Now, you can have it on one of the highest quality hockey jerseys ever made.  

The music artists with whom we are currently negotiating are going to be some awesome jerseys. We are going to be the new concert shirt of choice. From rap, hip hop, to heavy metal and pop. We are going to hit all genres.

Our holiday jersey line is spectacular and gives you a full assortment of styles. The fully sublimated jerseys, which is more of a fashion line, are great for an every occasion person. The customized specialty jerseys come with full crests, shoulder patches, and tackle twill names and numbers. From 4th of July to Canada Day, Christmas to Hanukkah... we have you covered. 

We hope you find a home here right along with us. Feel free to reach out via social media, email or phone. All the links and information are located in the footer of every page. We are responsive and want to engage with our fans. Our success depends on you and the relationships we create, so please, do not hesitate to reach out to us.