Detroit Lions Grey Hockey Jersey

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Price: $124.95
Design Style:
Sublimation, Tackle Twill, Embroidery
Production Partner:
Jersey Ninja

Congratulations on finding one of our hidden Easter Eggs on our website.

Right now, this jersey is still in development. We do not have a scheduled release date yet as we are still working out some logistics in order to bring the best possible jersey to you. Our goal is have the ability for on demand customization of name and number, and shipment within 24 hours. Having the ability to do this in house will enable you to order the jersey exactly as you want and delivered within a few days. 

Make sure you add your name to the wishlist to be notified of any developments. Styles with the most demand will get produced first so add your name to one or add your name to all. 

This is not a replica style jersey. This is an authentic on ice style constructed jersey identical to what is worn on the collegiate and pro levels.

Standard Features - Tackle Twill Numbers and Nameplate, Double Reinforced Shoulders and Elbows, Fully Embroidered Front Crest and Shoulder Patches, Lace Up Neck with Underlay, Authentic Fight Strap

**Due to the nature of which colors are displayed on screens compared to how they print, the hue of the color on the actual jersey may differ slightly**

This item has been checked for defects and/or flaws. If you are unhappy with this jersey for any reason, please contact us to rectify the problem.